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Guardianship Alliance of Colorado

The Guardianship Alliance of Colorado provides information, instruction, and guidance about guardianship of adults in Colorado.

The Alliance has the following programs and services:


What can the Alliance do for you?

If you want to become the guardian of a loved one, attend a Guardianship Petition Assistance class.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer guardian for an adult who has no one else to rely on, learn more about the Volunteer Guardian program and attend a Guardian Training class.

If you are the guardian of an adult and need guidance, attend a Guardian Training class.

If you need to learn more about being a guardian or a conservator, see the FAQ page.

The Alliance can provide referrals to professionals who can help you.

Contact the Alliance for presentations to your group or in-services at your business or facility.

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GAC is a program of Ability Connection Colorado